Truck tires 

Primex is the expert in tires for trucks and buses. We guarantee a choice of products based exclusively on the needs of our customer’s vehicles.

We have an extensive portfolio of brands of all known tire manufacturers and offer independent advice and competent service by qualified employees.

Proper choice and professional advice

Proper tire selection and professional advice are crucial to the cost efficient management of trucks. Because of our experience in serving small and large companies, we know well which tire suits the needs of our customers and guarantees maximum performance and cost efficiency. We also optimize the tire management process and help our customers reduce their transport costs.

We offer a full range of services, such as mounting, maintenance and repair works of truck tires in all our facilities, specially equipped for the needs of trucks and buses. Our sale specialists are well trained and have extensive technical knowledge on tires for buses and trucks.

Portfolio of brands 

Our assortment of truck tires brands impresses with its variety, quality and in stock capacity. Primex Ltd. is a partner of all the renowned manufacturers of tires for trucks and buses.