Terms and conditions of use of the online shop

Terms and conditions of use of the online shop

General terms and conditions

Please, read carefully the below-listed General Terms and Conditions before using the online shop on www.primex-bg.com.

Using the online shop on the web site - www.primex-bg.com, you declare, that you agree and accept the present general terms and conditions.

Information for the Users, as per Art. 47, Para 1 of the Law on Consumers’ Protection:

1. All main characteristics of the goods are presented on the respective page with the respective good’s description.

2. Supplier of the goods, that may be ordered from the present online shop is Primex Ltd., UIC 127033207

3. Headquarters and address of management of the Suppler: the town of Kaspichan 9930, 7 Ropotamo Str., phone line 0700 10 122, www.primex-bg.com, e-mail: info@primex-bg.com

4. Address of the industrial activity site: the town of Shumen 9700, 1 Tsvetan Zangov Str.

5. The end price of the goods is listed on the page. where the respective product is presented. The transport fee is not included in the goods’ price. It shall be listed separately in the order and shall be accrued separately from the goods’ price when calculating the final price.

6. The online shop shall not charge for the communication means usage for a sale trade contract, concluded from a distance.

7. The terms and conditions of payment, delivery and implementation, the delivery date, that the shop is obliged to keep for the goods or services are fully described in the Chapter Terms and Conditions for Purchase.

8. The terms and conditions, as well as the manner for applying the right of withdrawal from the contract are described in Chapter Terms and Conditions of Shopping.

9. When applying the right of withdrawal from the contract, the User shall cover the transport fees for returning the goods.

10. The trader shall provide a guarantee document to all its clients for goods purchased, if such document is available from the producer. The guarantee document shall contain the following: address and telephone numbers of the service centers, the guarantee terms and conditions and the guarantee period for the good, purchased by the User.


Terms and conditions of purchase

All prices, listed in the Primex electronic shop are final and applicable for the day of placing the order.

All prices are in Bulgarian leva, VAT included. All products, ordered through the website, in stock at the moment of the order, shall be delivered within a time period of 2 working days from the date of the order.

The delivery shall be fulfilled to an address, given by you, by a currier, appointed by us. You will be informed for the currier by an operator of ours, when the order is made. The delivery price shall be paid by the client, for the amount of which he shall be informed.

The order may be received in one of our sites as well. The addresses are listed on www.primex-bg.com.

After a purchase is made in the electronic shop you shall receive a confirmation on your e-mail, consisting of full details of the order. You shall also receive a call from an operator with additional information for the time of the delivery, the manner, the due amount and final confirmation of the information provided.

In case you wish to return the product, you may do so within a period of 14 working days, considered from the day of receiving the goods. The product, to be returned, should be in overall good commercial condition, as it was received, together with all accompanying documents. More information regarding the products returns may be obtained by a call on: 0700 10 122.

Primex shall recover the value of the products returned within the given time period and in acceptable condition via bank transfer, after the client provides a bank account.


The cookies are invisible documents, temporarily stored on your hard disc and allowing our website to identify your computer, next time when you visit it. Primex uses the “cookies” only for the purposes to obtain information about our site usage.

Links to other websites

Information protection is always applied on the Primex website and its sub-websites. The default web pages may consist links to other Suppliers within and outside Primex, for which the present Privacy Declaration does not apply. When you leave the Primex website, we recommend you to read once again the Declarations on Personal Data Privacy on each website, collecting such personal information.

Security of the order

We, Primex Ltd., respect the confidentiality of your personal data and therefore your information is carefully kept.

Any products ordered may be paid in one payment or a few installment, but at any case, you may return any product within 14 working days period / in accordance with the Law on Consumers Protection/, considered from the date of its receipt, if it coincides with the data, registered by the currier as a delivery date. If you want to return a product You are required to contact us on 0700 10 122 and we shall fully cooperate in the return process and the paid amount shall be repaid back to you.


Policy on Personal Data Protection

We shall never abuse with your personal data in any way.

Your personal information shall never be given to any third parties, except when explicitly requested as per Law.

Your personal information may be provided to a third party only, if you had given your prior consent for that.

You shall never receive e-mails, unless if you have subscribed for such.

You are always allowed to deregister from receiving e- mails.

Primex Policy on Personal Data Protection

The protection of our clients’ personal data is of great importance for our Company. All online activities of Primex are in line with the European legislation, the National legislation and the general legislation on personal data protection. The protection of personal data is applicable for any information, collected during your visit of our website.

Primex guarantees confidentiality of information and personal data provided to all its Users. Such shall not be used, provided or brought to the knowledge of any third parties, except in the cases, listed in the present General Terms and Conditions.

Information collection and reprocessing

Personal data is the information, identifying you, like your name, second name, e-mail or postal address. Primex shall not collect information, unless your permission to do so is given, for example, when you order products or when you subscribe for our electronic newspaper.

Personal data use and circulation

Primex shall use your personal information only for technical reasons, the web site administration, to give you access to particular information or to contact you. Primex shall not dispose the information to any third parties, unless such an action is coordinated with you.

All the information you give to Primex is being under control.

Users, who do not wish to receive e-mails from us any more shall e-mail us on info@primex-bg.com. Please, indicate any change in your personal data /post code, e-mail, address, telephone number/ when making your next order.

Automatically recording of information / no personal data included/

When visiting the internet site of Primex, the general information, but not the personal data, is being automatically recorded (number of visits of the website, average stay on the web site, pages visited). Such information is used to assess the activity of our websites and to improve their content and convenience. This information is subject of further use in the future and it is not circulated to any third parties.


The cookies are invisible documents, temporarily stored on your hard disc and allowing our website to identify your computer, next time when you visit it. Primex uses the “cookies” only for the purposes to obtain information about our web site usage.



Primex recommends to all parents and guardians to educate their children in safety and responsibility when providing personal data online. No minors should provide personal data on the website of Primex without the permission of their parents or guardians. Primex shall never consciously collect personal data of a minor, nor shall use it in any way, disclose it in front of any third parties, without the consent of their parents or guardians.

Right to Information

If you have any questions regarding our Policy on Personal Data Protection or its reprocessing, please contact us:

Tel.: 0700 10 122

E-mail: info@primex-bg.com

We shall respect any requirements of Yours and we shall inform you in writing, where from and how your data was collected; We shall also take in account your wish and need of further commercial communication.

Publishing amendments

Any changes of our policy and the terms and condition of use and order shall be published on the Primex website.


You should not worry for the delivery of the products, since we are going to deliver them to an address, given by you.

We are making all the efforts to deliver Your products in the shortest possible terms!

If the product, you wish to buy is in stock, we shall deliver it within the time period, listed in the order, to the address, given by you. If the product is out of stock, you shall receive addition information from our operators for the exact delivery date of the product, if such a delivery is possible. If not, your order shall be declined.

All products shall be delivered to the address given by a currier. The delivery price is covered by the client.

Delivery price

The delivery price shall be formed in accordance with the number of the tires ordered. The delivery price for one tire, up to 15 kg. is 5 BGN with VAT included, to any place in Bulgaria. The price is applicable only on the territory of Bulgaria.


Receiving your products in one of our commercial sites

All products ordered through the web site of Primex for which the client had declared collection from one of our sites, shall be kept only for 1 day. If the products are not collected within 1 day from the site, chosen, Primex shall consider that the Client had decided to reject the order. An operator of Primex shall contact the client, who had placed the order to confirm his decision to annul the order.

Terms and condition for shopping

Terms and conditions for shopping on the electronic shop of Primex


All prices of products, offered on the Primex electronic shop (the website), ownership of Primex Ltd., address: the town of Kaspichan, 7 Ropotamo Str. are final sale price, applicable for the day, when the ordered is made. All products’ prices are in Bulgarian leva, VAT included. The delivery price for a product bought shall be paid by the Buyer, additionally, not included in the final sale price offered.

Confirmation on the phone

All products, ordered through the internet Site, in stock in the moment of the order, shall be delivered to Your address within the time limits, listed on the website, considered from the moment of the explicit confirmation of the order, made on the phone in front of an Employee of Primex Ltd.

After pressing the “Complete order” button on the website you shall receive an e-mail with information about your order. Expect also a phone call from an Employee of Primex Ltd., within 24-hours from the moment of completing the order, within working time: from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 18:00 o’clock; Saturday, from 09:00 to 16:00 o’clock. This phone call shall explicitly inform you again on the final sale price for the product, ordered on the website, the delivery price, the delivery time limit and the availability of the product, in order to prevent any confusion or deception.

Only after the explicit confirmation of the order, made on the website, provided by You on the phone, the sale trade contract shall be considered as concluded.

Refusal of an order made

During the conversation on the phone with an Employee of Primex Ltd., who had contact you, you may refuse the ordered made on the website, by clearly and explicitly declaring that. The refusal may be done before the confirmation phone call by calling on 0700 10 122 or by an e-mail on: info@primex-bg.com.


Delivery time period

If the product is in stock at the moment of the order, the delivery on the territory of Bulgaria shall be implemented within 2 working days, as the Delivery shall be fulfilled by a currier on the address, given by You.

Out of stock product

It is possible the product you ordered to be out of stock at the moment of completing the order. In such a case you shall receive a phone call from an Employee of Primex, not later than the end of the following working day, with a particular information on the case.

Payment manner

The final sale price may be paid in cash on delivery (you pay the currier, who had delivered your order), leasing (payment in installments), a bank transfer (you can also learn more contacting on the phone one of our agents), a debit or a credit card, well as through the ePay system.

Leasing (payment in installments) for products is offered, under the following terms and conditions:

1. To people with permanent labour contract or:

- maternity as per labour contract – not social

- self-employed people (freelancers, such as: sole trader, agricultural producer, Lawyer, Notary, Doctor etc. )

- pensioner – on the grounds of age and because of a disease

2. People, older than 18 years old

3. Admissible period for payment in installments – from 3 to 48 months (depending on the order)
4. Payment in installments shall be offered for orders to the total minimum value of 150 BGN with VAT and minimum repayment installment - tо the amount of 10 BGN.

You may receive more information on the possibilities for payment in installment and applying for payment in installments by reaching an Employee of Primex on the phone.

Right of withdrawal from contract

In case you are not satisfied with the products delivered, which were bought from our electronic shop, you may, with no need to state a particular reason, within 14 calendar days from the date of the delivery, to withdraw from the contract and to return the products purchased the way they were delivered (in quantity and quality) and we shall repay the amount paid by you not later than 30 days after this.

In order to exercise your right to withdraw from the sale trade contract, You may, at your choice – (1) send a filled-in refusal form, received by Primex, together with the delivery ........................., submit the form for refusal on our website, www.primex-bg.com or (3) to inform us explicitly in any other, convenient for You, way (for example letter, send via post, fax or e-mail and others). When informing us, you have to state name and correspondence address and, if available – telephone number and e-mail address.

You are also required to provide us/ send us the original or a copy of the receipt or the invoice, issued for the product. The final sale price shall be repaid via bank transfer to a bank account, given by you.

You are supposed to send back to the shop or to return the goods with no unjustified delay and in all cases not later than 14 days after the day of your notification for withdrawal from the contract.

The goods shall be returned in its original packaging in its entirety, full set with the accompanying documentation and with no damages.

You may not exercise your right of withdrawal in case that you have already used the goods or in case that the overall and commercial appearance is damaged.

Primex shall not bear any responsibility for invalidly or incorrectly filled-in personal data, address, number of a bank account and / or any other information, provided through the website or in front of Employee of Primex.

Delivery. Delivery price

The products, purchased from the website shall be delivered by a Currier to an address, given by You, on your expenses.

The delivery price for the product / products is not included in the goods’ price. It is listed separately from the order and shall be accrued to the price of the goods when determining the final amount to be paid.

In order to contact you on the phone or for the delivery to be fulfilled we shall use the contact data, you had provided when making the order or on the phone.

If you do not wish to pay delivery fee, you are invited to shop in any of our commercial sites.

The present General Terms and Conditions shall settle the rights and obligation of the clients of Primex in connection with the guarantee and sales returns of products.

Our commitment to our clients do not end with the sale trade. Primex offers two levels of guarantee protection: product level and assembly level.

The delivery price depends on the numbers of tires  in the cart. The delivery price for one tire (max 15 kg) is 3 BGN. The price is valid only for Bulgaria.


If a manufacturing default appears with normal exploitation and servicing of the tires during the guarantee period, when the original tread is worn 1.6 mm or less, you may present your tire in the center for tires and service. If, during an examination, made by representatives of the Company, а manufacturing default is ascertained, the sale return shall be based on the sale price, decreased with the percent of the actual wear, by measuring the remaining usable depth of the thread, i.e. the original depth decreased with 1.6 mm. In the guarantee period provided, any tires that have shown a manufacturing default shall be replaced against the respective surcharge.

The Guarantee shall be invalid in the following cases:

- Tires with defects, a direct result from modification, made on the tire structure, such as modifications, made by any third parties, cutting or use together with defective components such as a flap, belt or a rim;

- Use of tubes, when the tires are to be assembled with no tubes;

- Tires, which exploitation terms and conditions do not coincide with the tire marking (load, speed, pressure) and its application;

- Tires, damaged by the external influences (assembly, de-assembly, condition of the vehicle, damages as a result of fire and accident, mechanic or chemical damage and others);

- Sales returns, related to quick and uneven wear of tires for cars, heavy-goods vehicles and agricultural cultivation machines.

- crumbling tires;

- heavy-goods vehicles’tires, which bead bundle is raised / deformed with more than 7 mm;

- tires for cars and heavy-goods vehicles – disturbance during driving, felt after the first 10 % of the legal depth of the thread are worn; Exclusions may be made only in case of an existing default of the tire, when the client may prove with documents that the problem had been announced before the 10 % of the thread being worn.

- Agricultural and industrial tires: disturbances when driving after the thread is 10% worn or after 500 working hours, whichever comes first. Exclusions may be made in case of existing defect of the tire, for which the Client may prove with documents, that the problem have been announced before the 10% of the tire being worn or before the tire had reached 500 working hours.

- Bulges on the sidewalls after the wear of the first 10 % of the depth of the thread of tires for cars.


The contract (the invoice) and the guarantee certificate shall be kept by the Buyer until the expiry date of the guarantee period. The tires, presented for sale return, shall be examined only if the Buyer presents the guarantee certificate.

The product guarantee is a standard one and concerns any manufacturing defaults of the tires. When purchasing truck, agricultural and industrial tires, the warranty is provided for a period of 24 months, for buyers, individuals and legal entities. When buying light, bus and 4x4 tires, the warranty is provided for a period of 24 months - for legal entities and for a period of 60 months - for individuals.  


The guarantee on assembly level shall be applicable only when the activities, related to de-assembly, assembly and balance of the tires are made in Primex Center.

We, herein, guarantee, that the tires assembly shall be made with no defaults and we provide our clients with a time period of 15 days, when any needed secondary de-assembly, assembly or balance shall be done for free.

Guarantee on assembly level shall not cover any activities, fulfilled by any other service centers, than Primex.

Notwithstanding of the commercial guarantee, Primex shall be responsible for lack of correspondence of the commercial product with the sale trade contract as per Art. 112 to Art. 115 of the Law on Consumers’ Protection.

Art. 112(1) If a consumer product is in non-correspondence with the sale-trade contract. the Consumer is entitled to claim a sale return and to request from the Seller to introduce the product in correspondence with the sale trade contract. In this case the Consumer may select between repair works on the product or its replacement with a new one, unless such action is impossible or the compensation selected is disproportionate in comparison with the other one.

(2) It shall be considered that a certain compensation manner is disproportionate, if its application results in expenses for the Seller, which in comparison with the other compensation manner are unreasonable, considering the following:

1. the value of the consumer product, if there was no lack of compliance;

2- the significance of the non-compliance;

3. the possibility for the Consumer to be offered another way of compensation, not resulting in significant inconvenience for the latter.

Art. 113 (1) (New, State Gazette, issue 18 / 2011) When the Consumer product is in non-compliance with the sale trade contract, the Seller is deemed obligated to introduce it in compliance with the sale trade contract.

(2) (Previous Para 1 – State Gazette, issue 18 / 2011) The introduction of the consumer product in compliance with the sale trade contract shall be implemented within one month, considered from

- presentation of the claim by the Consumer.

(3) (Previous, Para 2, amend. State Gazette, issue 18 / 2011) After the expiration of the time limit under Para 2, the Consumer shall be entitled to withdraw from the Contract and to get the purchase amount repaid, or to request a deduction from the price of the consumer product as per Art. 114.

(4) (Previous, Para 3, State Gazette, issue 18 / 2011)

The introduction of the consumer product in compliance with the sale trade contract shall be free of charge for the Consumer. The latter shall not owe any costs for transportation of the consumer goods, for any materials and labour, related to its repair works, nor shall suffer any significant inconveniences.

(5) (Previous, Para 4, State Gazette, issue 18 / 2011) The Consumer may also claim a compensation for damages, suffered as a result of the non-compliance.

Art. 114 (1) In case of non-compliance of the consumer product with the sale trade contract and when the Consumer is not satisfied with the solution of the sale return under Art. 113, the latter shall be entitled to choose from one of the following :

1. withdrawal from the contract and repayment of the amount paid;

2. decrease of the price.

(2) The Consumer may not pretend for repayment of the amount paid or decrease of the price of the product, when the Trader gives its consent то replace the product with a new one or to repair the product within a time period of one month, from the moment of the claim presentation by the Consumer.

(3) The Trader is deemed obligated to satisfy a request for contract withdrawal and to repay the amount, paid by the Consumer, when, after a claim made it was satisfied by repair works of one and the same product, within the time period under Art. 115, and a subsequent manifestation of incompliance of the product with the sale trade contract occurs.

(4) The Consumer shall not be entitled to pretend for contract withdrawal, if the non-compliance of the consumer product with the contract is insignificant.

Art. 115 (1) The Consumer may exercise its right as per this Section within a period of 2 years, considered from the date of delivery of the consumer product;

(2) The time period as per Para 1 shall be suspended during the time, needed for the repair works, the replacement of the consumer product or the time needed to achieve an agreement between the Seller and the Consumer, resolving the dispute.

(3) The exercise of the Consumer’s right as per Para 1 is not bound by any other time period for presentation of claim, different from the time limit as per Para 1.



The Product guarantee is a standard one and covers defects on the tires for a period of 24 months after their purchase. The Contract (the invoice) and the Guarantee certificate shall be kept by the Buyer until the expiration of the Guarantee period. Tires, provided for a sale return, shall be examined only if the Guarantee Certificate is presented by the Buyer.

Guarantee on assembly

The guarantee on assembly level shall be applicable only when the activities in de-assembly, assembly and balance of tires were all fulfilled in a Primex center. We, herein guarantee, that the tires assembly is implemented with no defects and we provide a 15 day period for all clients, when an additional de-assembly, assembly or balance may be implemented for free, if any defects occur. The guarantee on assembly level shall not cover activities fulfilled in any other service centers, different from those of Primex.